Joni Mail!

Recently I received a package from my favorite icon Joni Mitchell... And it left me completely speechless.

For the first ten days I just left it sitting on the table, not daring to open it: I had mail from Joni Mitchell! When I finally unpacked it’s contents this is what I found:

A visitor of the show ‘A Tribute to Joni Mitchell’ sent the CD and DVD I made of our show to Joni’s art seller. He was so impressed of my performance of ‘Blue’ that he passed them on to Joni to watch and listen to.

She must have liked it, because in return she gave me a CD of ‘Night Ride Home’ with a beautiful personal comment written on it. She also sent me the DVD of her latest project ‘The Fiddle And The Drum’. I am very impressed by this gesture, and I am very thankful to Joni Mitchell for doing this!

In awe forever,
One happy Charlie

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